Saturday, October 29, 2005

In the Beginning

So Plant says to Tree who is next to him "where are we from?"

Tree replies " we grew from this earth, we are made up of the same things as the universe; tiny little codes, that influences and is influenced by all that is around it. These codes create things!" Tree takes a deep breath and continues. "In the beginning there was nothing but one tiny speck of infinite density with no outside. This dot held all the original codes to the universe, and when it exploded one moment, it shattered and spread itself outward and onward."

Looking for LUCA - the mother of all life
Every living thing on Earth - from humans to bacteria, from bluebells to blue whales - is thought to be descended from one single entity, a sort of primitive cell floating around in the primordial soup three or four billion years ago.

Tree Philosophy - The Life of Tree

Nostalgic nasturtiums?
Plants are stupid, everyone knows that. Or are they? Find out about feats of plant memory with New Scientist... I believe that most animals, even quite lowly ones, are able to remember things, but can plants?


Pro4x4 said...

I do not think plants are stupid, they communicate trough a chemical and can even fend off encroachers. We can bend them into shape and they are the only organism that can breath out oxygen.

lewislane1818 said...

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Rikki said...

Don't you believe in the wisdom of plants? :)


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